Success Rate of IVF and ICSI:

We are delighted to report that we have continued to build on our success in the 16 years since we opened. Janeen Fertility and Genetics Centre has achieved a consistently very good clinical pregnancy rate over the past years ,comparable to international fertility centres.

The success rates at Janeen are expressed as the percentage of embryo transfer procedures which result in false pregnancy test.

We are proud of our current success rate in the following Assisted Reproductive Techniques:

  • Success rate of IVF and ICSI cycles :55-60 %
  • Success rate of Testicular sperm extraction TESE :45-55 %
  • Success rate of Blastocyst Transfer :65-68 %
  • Success rate of ART thaw cycle :18-25 %

Bahrain's First Accreditation Canada Quality Accredited Fertility Center.

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