Pre implantation genetics screening is a specialized diagnostic technique that is performed at an early stage of embryo development

A Small hole is made in the outer shell of the embryo and a fine needle passed inside the embryo to collect cells and analyzed in genetic lab.

Janeen provides PGS and PGD testing. PGD is recommended when there is known genetic condition present in the family or if a couple have previously had and affected child. It is a possible to test embryos produced in IVF for that particular condition, and only replace normal ones. PGS is a less specific test, where embryos are checked for basic chromosome abnormalities PGS may be performed in older women and in those couple with recurrent miscarriage.

In both PGS and PGD one on more cells are removed from embryos after 3 or 5 days of culture and sent to specialized genetic lab for testing. The actual embryos will remain in center till the test result is received . Only healthy, viable ,genetically normal embryos are transferred.

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