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In Vitro Fertilization (IVF):

This is commonly known as “test tube baby”. It literally means the fertilization of eggs by sperms outside the body in a specially designed incubator. It is used as a treatment of infertility in patients, who have blocked, or badly damaged fallopian tubes, endometriosis, mild to moderate sperm defects, male and female antibodies problem or even when the cause is unexplained and few years have passed.

Following are basic step of IVF:

Treatment of Cause And Normalization and optimization of Abnormalities.

A- Stimulation of Ovaries:

A number of different drug regimes depending on the specific requirement of the individual. In one protocol the patient is given nasal spray 4-5 times a day which has the effect of switching “off” the pituitary( part of brain ). Natural production of FSH and LH is stopped, so that the stimulation of ovaries is completely controlled. After 10 -14 days an ultrasound scan is performed to see the effect and then daily injections of gonadotrophins (FSH and LH) are given to stimulate the ovaries. Certain drugs are used until the eggs are sufficiently mature for collection.

Each patient is individualized and appropriate protocol selected for stimulation.

B- Monitoring of Growth of Follicles:

This is essentially performed by ultrasound scan. These scans are performed transvaginaly This is a painless procedure and do not require full bladder. Vaginal scan is quick and prefered by most women. At each ultrasound scan endometrial thickness , number and size of follicles are measured. Once the follicles are ready, HCG (Human Chorionic Ganadotrophin) is given for final maturation of the eggs. After 34-36 hours egg collection is performed.

C- Egg Collection:

Eggs are collected by using trans vaginal ultrasound probe in an operation theatre. It could be done under short general anesthesia or using sedation or using sedation and analgesia.

It takes 20-30 minutes. The patient can go home after 3-4 hrs if done under G/A and 1-2 hrs if done under analgesia.

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